Mission: International

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Our mission is to bring the gospel to the lost and help secure the saved.

Below are some of our international mission points.

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Mission: Africa

We currently have three mission points in Africa. First, we have a mission point in the South African Bible College, which was founded in 1966 and continues to equip servants of the body of Christ for the 21st Century.

Second, we support one of our beloved missionaries, Benedict Little who serves the Lord in Cape Town, South Africa. Ben is a graduate of the South African Bible College, and has faithfully served the church many years.

Our last mission point in Africa is found in the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, which is located in Arusha, Tanzania. The foundation for this school began as early as the 1960’s, but officially came into existence in 2001. In 2016, the school was handed over to the Tanzanians who now continue this great work with added financial support until they are completely self-supporting.

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Mission: Eastern Europe

The Keller church is seeking to evangelize our friends in the Eastern European countries by partnering with Eastern European Missions. Since 1961, EEM has been providing Bibles to the Eastern European countries in their languages. What began as a perilous leap of faith through The Iron Curtain by a small but brave group of missionaries, gradually unveiled itself to be part of God’s amazing plan to provide Bibles and Bible-based materials in over 20 languages to 30 nations —free of charge. Over 4.5 million public school students in Ukraine and 100,000 Muslim refugees have received God’s Word and the numbers are still growing!

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Mission: Central America

We support the work in Costa Rica through one of God's servants, Isaac Umana, a graduate of the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin Texas. Isaac is a native of Costa Rica, preaching and teaching in his native language, as well as communicating in Spanish and English.

We also help to support the evangelistic work in Honduras through the Baxter Institute in Honduras. This church of Christ organization is "Bringing the Compassion of Christ to Central America through Christian Education, Medical Missions, and Benevolence."