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Online Directory

Click here to access the online directory, “Access ACS

What is the Online Directory?
It is a database that integrates with our church records and requires that you login.

It provides the members 24/7 access to their member information. All members who wish to access their information can create a log in. It is a part of our website where we keep information that is not available to the public. If you are looking for information that is not considered “personal” then click back to the Home page. Once registered, you can:

  • view the church directory & calendar
  • print directories or mailing labels
  • complete your areas of involvement selections (i.e. lead singing)
  • update your own profile with a new address, phone number or email address!

Login to access the online directory.

Never logged in before? OK lets get started.

1. Click on this link (it will pop up in a new page so you can move back and forth).

2. Click on “Need a login? Click here”

3. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, and email address. Enter the information and then click “find me.”

Account Signup

4. You should see a note congratulating you on setting up your account. Once you see that note, check your email for your username and temporary password.

5. If the system was unable to locate your record there may be incomplete or inaccurate information in our records. Please call the church office to verify the information on file. If you are not a member of the Keller church of Christ with a valid email address then it is not possible to obtain a login for the Online Directory.

Note: For your protection, all changes come into the church office as a “change request”. Once approved, the requested changes will be updated and published in the database.