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New Member Information

Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Most senior group. Meets for Bible class in auditorium. Very active with social events. They welcome members of all ages to join them.

Empty Nesters
Just as the name implies, this Bible class group consists of members whose children are often out of the home. They meet in room 33.

Sunday morning Bible class that meets in the room #31 just south of the kitchen. On whole the members of this class are typically 30-40ish years old.

Young Professionals
Meeting upstairs on Sunday mornings this vibrant Bible class consists of married couples typically less than 30 years old. Certainly single members and college students are also welcome.

College Class
Generally held during the summer, this class is designed for our returning college students or any single members.

Youth Group
The youth group is kids in 7-12th grade. Bible classes are separated into High School and Middle School. Social and service events are often combined.

5th-6th Grade
Monthly devotionals for this age group occur during the school year.  Additional social events and service projects also take place.

Kids R.O.C.K.
For kids Kindergarten thru 4th grade. This group often does social and service events together. Keller church of Christ has separate Bible classes for infants through 6th grade.

Building Blocks
This Sunday evening Bible class is available for children ages 2 through 4 during the worship hour.

Faithful Foundations
This Sunday evening Bible class is available for children ages 5 through 3rd grade during the worship hour.

Encouragement Teams
As the name implies these teams meet on Sunday’s once a month to encourage members through cards, calls and visits.

Men’s and Women’s Ministries
Beyond the normal Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes, Keller Church of Christ also has weekly daytime Bible classes for the ladies and separately for men. The ladies meet Wednesday mornings at 9:30 often followed by a fellowship luncheon. During the summer months the ladies Bible class is more service focused involving our children where possible. The men’s Bible class meets Tuesday mornings at 8:30 am the building.

In addition to the Bible classes, there are special events for the men and ladies through out the year ranging from breakfasts to retreats.

God’s Girls & Man Up
Meeting on Monday evenings in host family homes during the school year, this is an intimate time for youth group members to grow, study, or hear from guest speakers.

KSBS – Keller School of Biblical Studies
An accredited post secondary institution that operates as a satellite school for the Sunset International Bible Institute. Students can take classes for college credit or simply audit. Classes typically meet once a week in the evenings.

Elders: first name & last initial@kellercofc.org or as a group elders@kellercofc.org
Minister & Staff: first name @kellercofc.org

If for example you have a prayer request you wish to be sent to the congregation, these can be sent to Deanna Holcomb at deanna@kellercofc.org. Of course you may send the message to any of the staff, ministers, or Elders. To send prayer requests or other communiqué’s during non working hours you can alternatively use the church website > Prayer Requests at www.kellercofc.org. Prayers submitted through this avenue are considered confidential unless otherwise noted.

Cory Collins
Spencer Ross

Deanna Holcomb

Kelly Davis
David Lanier
David Dunham
Richard Lyons
Gary Kiser

Look for Keller church of Christ and Keller CofC Youth Group pages.

Text messaging like service for smart phones; free application. Principally used by Youth Minister for event reminders. Youth Minister will invite you upon receipt of cell phone number.

FLC (Family Life Center) East side of Building

  • New Member display board; photos and contact info for our newest members. Photos are moved to large Member display board as New Member display board fills up.
  • Member display board. Family photos of our members plus photos of Elders, Deacons, and Ministers.
  • Sign up board for wide variety of activities
  • Lost and found under stairs

Printed and emailed weekly

Pulpit Announcements

  • On Sundays announcements and photos are projected before worship service on the auditorium screens.
  • On a monthly rotational basis our Elders rotate providing announcements and prayers from the pulpit
  • On Sunday evenings our Ministers provide announcements in lieu of the Elders
  • On Wednesday evenings our Ministers provide announcements that are also emailed to the congregation for those who may not have been able to attend.

Online Directory – ACS
Available for laptop or home computer use and to make changes to your profile.
Mobile free version also available. Very handy. Can’t change profile on mobile version. Call the church office or Greg Wilson for assistance.

Calendar of Events
Again available with our Online Directory application.

Direct Deposit
Members can set up their contributions as an ACH through their bank. This is easy to do by accessing your bank online and setting it up as a reoccurring bill through online bill pay. Members can also issue any one-time payments for events or special donations this way by making sure a memo is attached. Members need to list Keller church of Christ, 205 Elm Street, Keller, TX 76248 as the vendor and vendor address.