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Southern Africa Bible College

Founded by visionary leadership in 1966, continues to equip a new generation of Christ-centered servant leaders for the 21st century.

The sole purpose of Southern Africa Bible College is to bring Christ to Africa by means of highly trained graduates who are dedicated, well-versed and sound in the scriptures.

Southern Africa Bible College maintains its vision and purpose of being a Bible training center developing dedicated leaders and has:

  • Over Four Decades of Service.
  • Committed Leadership & Faculty.
  • A Coeducational Multiracial Student Body.
  • Over 600 Graduates Trained.
  • Graduates have served in over 24 Countries.
  • Conducted Outreach Campaigns.
  • Hosted Annual International Bible Lectureship.
  • Conducted Special Seminars using Lecturers from the U.S.A