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Baxter Institute

The Baxter Institute is dedicated to equipping young men and women to spread the gospel throughout Latin America. The school is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and is led by brother Steve Teel.

Baxter Institute is a Christian educational institution. Its sole purpose for existence is to prepare its students to become preachers, teachers, missionaries, and leaders among churches of Christ throughout the Spanish-speaking world. For over 50 years, Baxter Institute has provided ministerial training in a Latin American context. Originally established in Mexico, Baxter was later moved to Honduras. Today there are over 500 graduates of Baxter’s residential program, ministers and families involved in a variety of ministry settings all across Latin America and in the U.S.

Baxter’s resident training program is a four-year, university-level, academic program. It is supplemented with weekend church ministry assignments and an annual evangelistic campaign. Once a Baxter student reaches his fourth year of studies, he is sent off for a six-month capstone ministry apprenticeship known as PAM. All of his studies prepare him/her for this full-time experience. Hundreds are baptized each year by Baxter students as they participate in these activities.

In addition to the resident ministry training program, Baxter offers extension courses through the CELO program and provides area-wide leadership training through the Saturday PEC program. Throughout the year, various seminars are offered for the students and those beyond Baxter’s gates. The Baxter faculty also offers its services to assist in the planting and developing of local churches. Those who have received training through Baxter number in the thousands

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