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Ministry Summaries

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This ministry seeks to provide sound, biblical education. It directs and promotes the overall learning plan for all ages and includes curriculum development, assessment of classroom needs, teacher development and Media Center utilization. This ministry also maintains the library and promotes Vacation Bible School and Lads to Leaders.


Family Life

The focus of this ministry is to create and execute a strategy across multiple channels, media and frequency to keep the membership informed.

The purpose of this ministry is to foster and assimilate new members (up to 12 months) to function within the church.

Ladies’ Ministry
To develop relationships between women by providing specific activities and programs that develop Christ-centered servants and leaders for the church.

Men’s Ministry
To build relationships and foster leadership by providing activities that allow spiritual growth for men in the church, home and community.

Youth Ministry
To provide and seize opportunities that instill faith and promote discipleship within the teenagers of the congregation.



Facilities Management
To maintain the church building and property so they remain attractive, comfortable and functional, for the congregation through necessary maintenance and upgrades.

This ministry oversees the collection, distribution, accounting and reporting of the financial resources of the church in a timely and accurate manner. It also oversees the preparation of the annual budget and periodic reporting, payroll preparation and related reports. This ministry also informs ministry leaders of financial resources available to operate their ministries.

Guest Services
To ensure a safe environment for worship and church related activities.



To conduct weekly meetings to produce encouraging correspondence within the membership and recent visitors.

Fellowship & Special Events
To develop and organize events that facilitate opportunities for individuals to visit the Keller church of Christ and for current and perspective members for fellowship and growth.

Local Outreach
This ministry involves a committee that develops and coordinates activities and programs that will promote the spreading of God’s Word and present Christ to our immediate community. This area also includes World Bible School and Keller Christian School.

The goal of this ministry is to produce an effective website for the current membership and potential new members by providing up-to-date information and resources for Bible study and edification.



The commission of the worship ministry is to organize worship services in such a way that time together is acceptable to God. Through an expressed desire to serve, members are utilized to take part in services. A special effort is made to coordinate with the elders and minister any changes that might be necessary. Audio/visual equipment and applications are maintained to ensure the service is effective and edifying.