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Meet Our Ministers

Cory Collins — Pulpit

Cory Collins has been preaching and serving with the Keller church of Christ since January 1, 2012. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, he has a bachelor’s degree in Bible, with a minor in biblical languages, from Lipscomb University. He later obtained the Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. In the early 1980s he worked in a mission program in Tower One in the World Trade Center in New York City, teaching English and Bible to immigrants from 25 countries. During that time he also served with the Manhattan Church of Christ. In addition to preaching, he has served as Dean of Students and instructor in Bible at Heritage Christian University in Florence, Alabama. He has authored or coauthored several books, including Where Fresh Waters Flow: The Restoration Plea. He has been active in preaching and missions in several states, as well as in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and South Africa. His wife Tanya, who assists him in the Lord’s work in countless ways, is a retired teacher. They have been married since 1977. Their son, Christopher, is a computer systems auditor living in Carrollton, Texas. Their daughter, Charissa Miller, is a speech language pathologist, living in Lewisville, Texas, with her husband Michael. Cory posts regularly to his blog, “Serving and Sharing,” which may be accessed here: http://coryhcollins.blogspot.com/.

Cory shares the following personal statement:

“I can say with Paul, ‘To me, the very least of all saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ…’ The Lord has blessed me richly, and I credit Him with every good thing. I was raised in a faithful, happy Christian home; my father was an elder at Hillsboro for 28 years, and it was my mother who led him to Christ. I see myself as an encourager, looking for ways to lift people up and draw them closer to the Lord. I have a strong commitment to preaching Scripture as the inspired, inerrant Word of God. I continue to grow in grace and knowledge myself, and I am grateful for the direction of elders and the feedback of others that will help me improve. I focus my efforts on preaching, teaching, visitation, evangelism, and nonprofessional counseling. My wife Tanya is my best friend, my right arm, and my greatest earthly blessing. She serves quietly, behind the scenes, especially in working with children. She has devoted herself to the Lord, our marriage, and our children.”

You may contact Cory at cory@kellercofc.org.

Spencer Ross — Involvement and Outreach

Spencer Ross is a born and raised Texan who graduated from Northwest High School in Justin, Texas, in 2006. After becoming a Christian here at Keller in 2005, he studied the Scriptures two years at the Brown Trail School of Preaching in Bedford, Texas, graduating in December 2008. Spencer also received his B.S. in Management Communications in 2011 from Amridge University. He labored with the Bedford church of Christ in Bedford, Texas, from 2008 – 2011 and with the Northwest church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas, from 2011 – May, 2013. Spencer and his wife, Kandice, were married March 7, 2009, here at the Keller church of Christ. Spencer and Kandice have two young boys, Landon and Kason.

“I am so thrilled to be “home” again with the Lord’s church that meets here at Keller. My family and I love serving in the kingdom of God and enjoy working specifically with youth and families. As one who was not reared in the church before coming to the knowledge of the truth, I have a deep conviction in the Word of God and His church. My prayer is to be a facilitator, mentor, and teacher to the youth of the congregation and a resource for parents training up their children in the way they should go. My family and I share the passion and zeal to faithfully serve the church here together.”

You may contact Spencer at spencer@kellercofc.org.

Daniel Lange — Youth and Family

Buried with Christ in 2005. Three years later I entered into the preaching ministry, receiving biblical education and training through the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, TX. After graduation I married my wife, Sarai Umana, and we began our first preaching work in Arizona of 2010. For eight years I worked as a pulpit minister among a few small churches in the Western, Northern, and Eastern parts of the U.S. My wife and I now have two children, Elena and Luciana. In my spare time, I enjoy drinking coffee, playing with my children, and enjoying the great outdoors.

I am very excited about the new work in Keller ministering the gospel of Christ to youth and family. The Lord has brought us around full circle back to the South again, and we hope to labor and work here with the Lord and His church for as long as He is willing. Growing families are now a passion of mine, and as I strive to raise up a godly family my hope is that I can encourage and inspire others to do the same. My wife Sarai is a wonderful help to me, and as she strives to be a godly a woman, wife, and mother, I know she too will be a great encouragement to our young ladies and mothers.

You may contact Daniel at daniel@kellercofc.org.
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