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Church Library

Our library includes many current titles as well as some old-time favorites. These books include everything from Children & Youth to Spiritual Growth. We have a wealth of reference tools including commentaries, atlases, Bible dictionaries, and Bible encyclopedias. We even have a section of highlighted books. These are books that are new to the library or books that may be of special interest to our members. There is also a compete section of digital media including DVDs, Bible software, and CDs.

As well as books, all personal evangelism materials are housed in the library to make them more easily accessible to our members. These include Open Bible Study booklets, World Bible School materials and supplies, and various other personal work tools. They are sorted into mailboxes on the east wall along with our Deacon’s mailboxes.

Please use the following link to view our online catalog of books and digital media: https://cloud.collectorz.com/267445/books

How to Use the Library

Books and digital media are grouped on the book shelves according to their category. They are then alphabetized by the author/publisher name and finally by the title. For example, a title with a Catalog Number listed as “SG EXU” would be located in the “Spiritual Growth” section alphabetized by the name “Exum, Jack.” If he has more than one book in the category, it will further be sorted alphabetically by titles.

Categories are located on the shelves alphabetically for ease in locating them. However, digital media, Song Books, and church Bibles have been placed on separate shelving for ease in locating them. For your convenience, there is an explanation of the categories on the wall above the library desk.

There are some reference materials which cannot be checked out. These are clearly marked with a green label stating “For Library Use Only” and have been placed on a separate bookshelf on the South wall. Books and DVD’s that can be checked out, have check-out cards attached somewhere in or on them.

Please make sure to put your full name and “today’s” date on the check-out card and place it in the front of the wooden library card box which is kept on the table beside the library desk. No materials (except evangelism materials, jail ministry materials, and classroom Bibles) should ever be removed from the library without completing a check-out card first, even if it’s for use in a Bible class.

Check-out is for a period of three weeks at a time. Please honor this time allotment. If you need to keep the item longer, you can recheck your card for another three-week period. However, we ask that you not keep any materials longer than 6 weeks. Please do not write in any book, even if it has blanks to fill in or has previously been written in.

If you remove a book from the shelves, whether it’s to read it in the library or to check it out, please return it to the marked shelf by the library desk. As a courtesy, the books will be reshelved for you.

Disclaimer: As with all books written by men, there may be some things written with which you and I would not agree. The principle, “use what is good and discard what is not good” applies to all books and videos in our library. Please be wise enough to discard any and all teaching that is not in accordance with the Scripture.

Library Categories

Children & Young Adult (C/YA): For the 0 to 18-year-old audience
Children’s Reference (CR): Research and reference books intended for the younger Bible students.
Christian Living (CL): Growing and maturing as a Christian; How to live a Christian life; Finances
The Church (CH): Church; Ministry; Youth Ministry
Church Leadership (CL): Leadership of the Church
Encouragement (E): Poetry; Humor; Personal devotionals; Psalms & Proverbs (not study books)
False Doctrines (FD): Refuting false doctrines; Denominational texts
Family (F): Premarital; Marriage; Pregnancy; Family; Marriage and Family Counseling
Foreign language (FL): About Foreign Languages; In Foreign Languages; Teaching Foreign Languages
Life Support (LS): Counseling; Self-help; Dieting; Substance Abuse; “Attitude Adjustment”
Miscellaneous Reading (MR): Secular Books; Fiction; All Biographies
Missions (M): Local Evangelism; Mission work
Mission Countries (M/C): Information on Foreign Countries
Reference (R): Teaching or Research books; Volumes or Sets; Debates; Sermons; Archeology; Articles; Biblical History; Salvation/Baptism. Some may be checked out and some must remain in the library. Those with a GREEN label on the binding may not be checked out.
Song Books (SB): General miscellaneous song books (not the auditorium version)
Small Group Training (SGT): Training and teaching materials for small groups or classes
Spiritual Growth (SG): To grow in Biblical Knowledge; Study Books; About Jesus

Digital Media:

CD Library (CD): Audio CDs
Computer Programs (COM): Computer programs
DVD Library (DVD): DVDs and Videos
Ladies Events (LE): DVDs or CDs
from Ladies Events – Retreats, Intreats, Ladies Days, etc.

New Releases: New to the Library or books to be Highlighted