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Shepherd’s Study

Acts 8:31-40

“…and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus.” Since the fall of man in the garden in Gen. 3:15, the Old Testament prophesied about the coming Savior, the Messiah. This Jewish Ethiopian man had come all the way from Ethiopia to Jerusalem in search of truth. As he was leaving […]

Acts 8:26-30

Do you understand what you are reading? There are many searchers and many teachers. But only those who are searching for Jesus in the Bible will find His teachings. At this time in history, the Bible had not been fully compiled or written and God-inspired men like Philip by the laying on of the apostles’ […]

Acts 8:14-24

The magician wants more… After fooling the multitudes with his magic con, Simon the “sorcerer” accepts the real thing when he sees it. But fame, fortune and public attention are difficult to give up. Simon wants the same God-given power that the Apostles had. He wants to be able to lay his hands on people, […]

Acts 8:9-13

Magic and a con man… And seeing signs and great miracles performed, he was amazed. Even the best magicians and con men recognized the real thing when they saw it. They knew all the tricks and could spot a fake. The miracles performed by the Apostles and those whom the apostles laid their hands on, […]

Acts 8:4-8

There was much joy in that city! What is it that brings true joy to a city? In Jerusalem, Christians were being killed and scattered, but in Samaria, God had used the horrific decision to persecute by some into a blessing for others in Samaria, to hear the word of God. In Samaria, like in […]

Acts 8:1-4

Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word. After the stoning of Stephen, the Jewish leadership was emboldened. The persecution became so severe that families were scattering, fleeing Jerusalem for their very lives. Killing Christians for their beliefs or killing anyone to silence their words is not the best way to win an […]

Acts 7:51-60

“Lord, do not hold this sin against them;” the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death… (8 of 8) My wife and I were required to memorize this last section for a class. I highly recommend it. To memorize a scripture means to internalize it, to visualize it, and to […]

Acts 7:44-50

God does not dwell in buildings made by man, yet the Jews gloried in their Temple instead of the Savior; the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death… (7 of 8) I enjoy seeing the beauty and the architecture of old churches. But the church is not a building, the […]

Acts 7:35-43

Moses lead faithfully, but the people wanted their own gods; the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death… (6 of 8) Following God is simple, people make it complicated. As it is today, God’s people were simply to obey God and to follow the pattern of worship that he provided […]

Acts 7:30-34

Moses at 80 years old is finally ready to lead others in their walk of faith; the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death,,. (5 of 8) Moses left Egypt, at 40 years old, rejected by his people. Now 40 years later, the power of the almighty God is with […]