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Sermon Audio

Various Sermons for 2018

Cory Collins – Just Do It – Overcoming Procrastination – January 7, 2018 (Video, Outline, Audio) Spencer Ross – Give Me the Bible – January 7, 2018 (Video, Outline, Audio) Cory Collins – What’s Your Net Worth? – January 14, 2018 (Video, Outline. Audio) Jay Don Rogers – Ukrainian Bible Institute – January 14, 2018 (Video, Outline, Audio)

Family Matters Seminar

Faith Passed On (Video) 10 Things We Are Teaching Our Children (Video, Outline) 7 Things the Church Needs to Be doing Better for Families (Video, Outline) 7 Things Family Needs to be doing Better for Their Children (Video, Outline) What Does It Mean to Train Up a Child? (Video)

What the Bible is all About

Cory Collins – Wednesday nights – Auditorium When, and in what order, did Bible characters live and Bible events occur? What is the message of each Bible book? How are the books organized, and why? Whether you are new to the Bible, or you just want a refresher course on its layout and message, this […]

Book of Ruth (Series)

Feast or Famine – Ruth Part 1 (Video, Outline, Audio) Leaning and Gleaning – Ruth Part 2 (Video, Outline, Audio) Planning and Pursuing – Ruth Part 3 (Video, Outline, Audio) Reaping and Rejoicing – Ruth Part 4 (Video, Outline, Audio)

Various Sermons for 2017

Jay Don Rogers – The Battle Belongs to the Lord – January 8, 2917 PM (Video, Outline, Audio) Spencer Ross – The Call to Evangelism: “Who, Me?” – January 22, 2017 PM (Video, Outline) Chuck Anderson – Bring – Teach – Keep – January 29, 2017 AM Class & Sermon (Video, Outline) Spencer Ross – The Godhead […]