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Acts 7:17-22

The Jews walk of faith as they became a nation in slaver; the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death… (3 of 8) As Steven continues in his defense at his trial, he explains how God kept His promise to Abraham. From a family of 12 brothers, God multiplies and […]

Acts 7:9-16

Joseph’s walk of faith, the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death… (2 of 8) Talk about a dysfunctional family! Joseph’s father, Jacob, gave a very fancy coat of many colors to Joseph, showing favoritism. Jacob had learned the same bad behavior from his parents when mom (Rebecca) and dad […]

Acts 7:1-8

Abraham’s walk of faith, the last words of Stephen, taking his own faith journey to his death… (1 of 8) Yesterday we read of a horrific killing rampage targeting Christians. Silencing the words of Christ does not win the argument, nor silence the loving proclamation of hope and faith in God’s promises. Throughout time, God […]

Acts 6:8-15

Who was this Stephen? Stephen was a family man, targeted for persecution. He would be stoned to death. Paul, who was not a Christian yet, participated in his murder. Stephen was one of the seven chosen earlier in the chapter. His job as a servant or deacon in the church was to care for Grecian […]

Acts 6:7

And a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith. Why at this time a great number of Jewish priests became Christians, we are not told. But if we consider the actions of the church, there are some things that we might learn. 1) They reasoned together, using real evidence from the word […]

Acts 6:1-6

The first recorded church ministry, a ministry to serve women, … a complaint arose … We tend to think that in the first century, with the inspired Apostles and all those miracles occurring, their church never had any problems. Well, churches are made up of imperfect people. People make mistakes. The Jews here had been […]

Acts 5:33-42

Why would anyone want to kill the Apostles? These men had been healing all the sick, freed from prison, and preaching the good news about Jesus. They were doing nothing wrong, only doing what was right. And yet the Jewish leaders were persecuting them and wanting to kill them. The most amazing part of this […]

Acts 5:27-32

We must obey God rather than men… Saying that we must obey God rather than men, leaves out a lot of other task masters. 1) We must obey God rather than ourselves, our opinions cannot come before the word of God. 2) We must obey God rather than our families; we love and care for […]

Acts 5:17-26

But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors… If God has the ability to free men from a physical prison, God has the ability to free you and me from the chains of sin escaping a life of captivity. Again, another miracle performed publicly. In front of everyone the Apostles […]

Acts 5:12-16

God can heal ALL the sin-sick souls…Not your garden variety miracles… When God wants to provide evidence that the Apostles were inspired, there is no doubt. Like Jesus, ALL were healed. No need of hospitals or doctors when ALL are healed. The point made, if God can heal ALL physical ills, he can also heal […]