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News & Notes

We want to keep you informed about all the things that are happening in this congregation. To read announcements and learn about upcoming events, visit News & Notes.

Bible Classes

We take great pride in offering a well-balanced variety of biblical topics within our Bible class curriculum. We are a church who believes in teaching throughout the Bible. By the time our children graduate from high school, they will have been exposed to each book of the Bible twice, and this continues throughout our adult curriculum. Mixed […]

“Experiencing Psalms” Summer Series

“Experiencing Psalms” Wednesday Night Summer Series Phillip Johnson – Psalm 90 – It’s About Time Randy Mathis – Psalm 84 – The Blessings of God’s House Reed Swindle – Psalm 92 – Growing In God’s Garden Troy Rogers – Psalm 3 – Confidence Through Instability Michael Lewis – Psalm 51 – A Prayer for Mercy Simon Summers – Psalm 36 – […]