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Lads to Leaders 2019

Get involved and signed up for Lads to Leaders! Please click here to register online or print the L2L 2019 registration form below, fill it out and turn in by Sunday, November 18th. For more information on Lads to Leaders, please visit www.lads2leaders.com.

Important Documents:


Sign Language Memory Verses

“Hello, my name is”         “Jesus loves you”      “What is your name?”

“Do you need help?”      “I am from Texas”          “Are you hurt?”

“Where is your home?”      “I love you”     “Where is your father or mother?”

“The Bible is the word of God.”     Genesis 1:1      John 14:6


Swahili Memory Verses

Section One Swahil Conversation    Section 2 Old Testament

1 Timothy 3:15   Mathew 28:18-20   Acts 2:38

John 14:6   John 3:16   Swahili Level 1 PDF


Spanish Memory Verses

Bronze Level Section One Spanish

Acts 2: 38     Ecclesiastes 12:13   Genesis 1:1

John 14:6   John 3:16    Matthew 28:18-20

1 Timothy 3:15