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What the Bible is all About

Cory Collins – Wednesday nights – Auditorium

When, and in what order, did Bible characters live and Bible events occur? What is the message of each Bible book? How are the books organized, and why? Whether you are new to the Bible, or you just want a refresher course on its layout and message, this class is for you. Often we focus on a single “tree” – one event, person, text, or book, without stepping back to consider its place in the “forest” – the whole of Scripture. The book, The Big Picture, by Marc Hinds, will be a helpful tool in this study. Join us!

Topics include:
The Bible’s Layout
“Before Abraham Was” (Genesis 1-11)
The Three Patriarchs
Joseph in Egypt
Going to Canaan
Conquering Canaan
The United Kingdom
The Divided Kingdom
Exile and Return
The Books of Poetry
The Books of Prophecy

Session 1: March 8th – Audio | Outline

Session 2: March 15th – Audio | Outline

Session 3: March 22nd – Audio | Outline

Session 4: March 29th – Audio | Outline

Session 5: April 5th – Audio | Outline

Session 6: April 12th – Audio | Outline

Session 7: April 19th – Audio | Outline

Session 8: April 26th – Audio | Outline | Divided Kingdoms

Session 9: May 3rd – Audio | Outline

Session 10: May 10th – Audio | Outline

Session 11: May 17th – Audio | Outline

Session 12: May 24th – Audio | Outline