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Evangelism Resources

Everyone seems to be looking for free study materials to aid them in their quest to become more like Christ.  Feel free to download and use these resources to the betterment of the Kingdom!

Family Bible Study Series by Tony Hall

Family Bible Studies Series Volume 1

Family Bible Study Series Volume 2

Family Bible Study Series Volume 3

Family Bible Study Series Volume 4

Family Bible Study Series Volume 5

Family Bible Study Series Volume 6

Family Bible Study Series Volume 7

Family Bible Study Series Volume 8


Personal Evangelism Studies

Safety Chain Bible Study

The Gospel for the World by Tony Hall

Personal Work Scriptures

Mark Bible Study – Good News

Are You a Christian? – Brochure

Rescue 911 Bible Study Brochures (Ten Lessons)

Rescue 13 Lesson Book on Evangelism

Evangelism Class Complete Outline as of 2014 05 07

Roman Catholic Church History & Doctrines — Spark Igniting Denominationalism

Free Online Videos

“Searching for Truth” – In our world, everyone is searching for something. If you are searching for answers to questions regarding God, Jesus, hope, happiness, faith, life after death, good and evil, the church, the Bible, God’s plan for you, or Jesus’ love for you, the answers to these can be found in this series of programs.

“A Woman’s Choice” – A site designed to help save the lives of unborn children.

“Evil, Pain and Suffering” – A site designed to help the countless number of people searching for answers.

“The Truth About Worship” – We live in a world of religious confusion. Worship has become more about the individual than about God. But in the midst of the confusion, the Bible remains clear. Don Blackwell and Neal Pollard deal with basic principles of worship in a simple and concise manner that rings true to the Word of God. Whether a new convert or a diligent seeker of truth, these lessons will benefit and strengthen you.

“The Truth About Moral Issues” – Sooner or later, most of us find ourselves facing moral, social, ethical and biblical situations that command our attention. These situations can affect our family, friends, neighbors or others. In an easy to understand manner, Don Blackwell presents a compelling and informative answer from a biblical and practical standpoint. These are great teaching lessons for Bible classes from junior high through adult.

Scripture Memorization

100 KEY SCRIPTURES – A compilation of key Scriptures to memorize by B.B. Baxter


Evangelism Sunday Conversion Videos – February 9, 2014

Spencer Ross’ Story

Ed Allen’s Story

Greg Wilson’s Story

Eric Richardson’s Story


Evangelism Sunday Lessons – February 9, 2014

Cory Collins – “Our Motivation” (Outline)

Ed Allen “Our Methods” (Outline)

Spencer Ross “The Message”


Evangelism Sunday Lessons – May 3, 2015

Ed Allen – Mission: Keller (Outline)

Ed Allen – U R (Outline)

Cory Collins – Putting on Levi “Genes” (Outline)



Other Resources

Stafford North “Conversational Evangelism” March 30, 2014 (Outline)