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Winter Quest 2012

Winter Quest 2012 was a huge success.  Our theme was “LIFE!.”  We spent the weekend in God’s Word examining some of the biggest questions that we each must answer at some time throughout our lives.     We strove to answer questions such as personal finance, having a successful marriage, raising Godly children, surviving the storms of life, fulfilling our mission and purpose, and many more.

Each year our retreat focuses on how we can build a life like Christ that makes an “IMPACT” on those around us.   As a staff, it was our goal to aid you in having a renewed appreciation for Jesus and the incredible blessings He brings us as Christians.  We pray you walked away from this weekend with a renewed commitment to live as Jesus lived!

As promised, I have uploaded lesson and sermon outlines from all the classes offered.  I encourage you to print them off or save them for future personal study.  Use these outlines to your betterment and/or the betterment of others.  May God bless you richly!

Class Outlines

Do You Have Time to Play? (Jon McKenzie).

Habits for a Healthy Home (Andy Burns)

A Bad Spin – Surviving the Setbacks and Storms of Life (Troy Rogers)

Dealing with Difficult Players (David Rodriguez)

Don’t Bust the Bank (Mel Latorre Jr)

Expanding Our Playing Field (Jonathan Crowell)

Finding a Church Home and Getting Involved (Cale Smith)

Things to Consider When Selecting a Career (Wade McKnight)

How to Win at the Game of Life (Tony Rose)

When It All Goes Back in the Box (Ed Allen)

Sermon Outlines

The Ultimate Game – Serving God Regardless (Buster Sides)

Strengthening the Players – Ten Things I Am Teaching My Children (Steve Minor)

Strengthening Your Team – Developing a Strong Marriage (Steve Schinnerer)


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